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Alaska – Grizzly Bear – Photo Tour

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of Pacific Salmon, plus a host of resident fish, such as Leopard Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling. As a result of our prolific salmon runs, we have one of the largest populations of Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears on the planet, providing exciting photography opportunities!

The Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is located in the Bristol Bay region of Katmai National Park and sits on 160 acres of prime river frontage in an iconic section of the Alagnak River known as the Upper Braids. The only access to the Lodge is via a bush plane and is only a short 25 minute flight from King Salmon landing on a private airstrip located on the property. The complex is made of high quality wooden cabins of various sizes, there is also the main lodge where all meals are served and welcome drinks after a great day spent on the river, basically the lodge has everything you will need to guarantee you a comfortable stay.

Just 6 miles upstream from the Lodge is where two rivers (Kukaklek and Nonvianuk) join to form the Alagnak. Because of the lodges prime location and fleet of jet boats you are able to access all 3 rivers and all the many species that swim through the rivers.

Alagnak River (A-lag-nak)

This prestigious river is located within Katmai National Park, with its headwaters in the surrounding mountains and draining into Bristol Bay. It is also known as the Branch River, for its seemingly endless braided river channels. Wading and fishing are made easy on the many small natural islands and gravel bars, which the river flow creates. The Alagnak has world-famous runs of all five species of Pacific Salmon, and is home to a host of resident fish. Crystal clear water allows for perfect stalking conditions, whilst slow runs and fast riffles are common place, with pools well suited to holding pods of staging Salmon, often 35+ lbs., when targeting the kings. With hatches occurring throughout the season, it is not rare to see a resident trout or grayling rise.

If you want affordable fly fishing in Alaska and retain comfort, great food, hospitality and first rate guides then do not look any further than Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge as we can guarantee that Wayne and his family will take very good care of you.


Bear Viewing in Katmai National Park:

With the highest population of brown bears in the world, the Katmai National Park is one of the most prized destinations for wildlife viewing in Alaska. Particularly for seeing large brown bears feeding on fresh run salmon. We have been operating in Alaska for over 25 years and have a clean safety record. Our well-seasoned and knowledgeable guides have developed a strong understanding and respect for these wonderful creatures, built up by living and working amongst them.

Our location on the Alagnak is deep in bear country and we often have bears within sight of our lodge. We are able to access the river by jet boat and find perfect spots for camera crews to set up and spend a whole days surrounded by these magnificent creatures. In the height of our season it is not rare to see over 20 bears in a day as well as an array of other wildlife. Our lodge based bear viewing tours, provide clients with comfortable private riverfront cabins, delicious meals and guided jet boat tours in prime bear viewing country. These majestic creatures are an incredible sight to behold. Get your camera ready and take the pictures of a lifetime.

Itinerary of Alaska Photo Tour with Dean J. Tatooles and Tim Vollmer


DAY 1: (Sunday)
Early in the morning arrive at King Salmon airport, (you are requested to be there before 9am) Depart King Salmon and fly to the private Lodge.

The staff will escort you and your belongings to your cabin and ensure that you have everything you need. After lunch, there will be a brief orientation and then you will be free to relax and spend your afternoon in whatever manner you choose.

DAYS 2 & 3: (Monday & Tuesday)
Each day starts at 7:00 AM with breakfast.

After breakfast the fleet of jet boats will be ready to depart by 8:00 AM. All you need to do is discuss with your guide what you would like to do.

DAYS 4 & 5: (Wednesday & Thursday)
Fishing/Photography each day is based on 2 anglers to one guide accesses the river systems via our jet boats. If you wish we can arrange fly out trips to various destinations at an additional cost.

DAYS 6 & 7: (Friday & Saturday)
Enjoy your last two days on the river with your guide fishing for the species of your choice/pursuing photography/or arranging other fly out adventure activities. There is no set itinerary as we like to whatever you wish to target.

DAY 8: (Sunday)
In the morning you will be picked up for the flight back to Anchorage

The Lodge itself is on 160 acres of prime river frontage in an iconic section of the Alagnak River known as the upper braids. The only access to the Lodge is via bush plane, landing on a private airstrip located on the property. Welcoming wooden cabins are equipped with running water, heating and power, that will guarantee you a comfortable stay. With an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery, this trip is sure to live up to the image of Alaska that you have always dreamed of.

The lodge offers two riverfront cabin packages: deluxe cabins or the standard cabins. The deluxe cabins were built with two extra windows and have a private bath and shower for the two guests staying in the cabin. The standard cabins have two cabins sharing one larger bathroom and shower building with outside access nearby.

All of the guest cabins, including main lodge have spectacular views of the Alagnak river. The Dining Lodge is the centre piece of the camp. Its where you take your meals, share stories and socialize after a day on the river. With lounge sofas, a fireplace and a stunning view of the river and surrounding mountains, this building really is the town hall of our little village.

Wooden walkways connect all the private guest cabins to each other and lead down to our naturally sheltered dock where a fleet of jet boats are ready to access all the best fishing spots within minutes of the Lodge. The Swiss Chalet on the hill, is perfect for larger parties accommodating up to 8 guests comfortably and in style, not to mention taking in the “Million Dollar View”, where you can survey the rest of the property, river and mountains beyond.



July 15 – July 22, 2018


8 days/7 nights

Photographic themes:

landscape, mountains, wildlife


Katmai National Park


$6990 USD

per person in double room

Price includes

  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • All meals at Lodge
  • Complimentary wine with dinner at lodge
  • 6 days 8 hours river based activities via jet boat
  • Rly casting clinics
  • Fly tying seminars,
  • Fishing tackle, excluding waders & wading jacket
  • Full-time services of your English speaking local guide
  • Professional Photographic Guides Dean Tatooles and Tim Vollmer

Price does not include

  • All International and Internal Flights
  • Flights to Alaska Trophy Adventures ($300)
  • Travel insurance, health insurances.
  • Meals/Hotels at the Anchorage & King Salmon before/after trip
    Transfers in Anchorage
  • Transfers in Anchorage
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff
  • Alaska fishing license ($70) King Salmon stamp ($30)
  • Lake and Peninsula Borough bed tax and Katmai NP user fee of $21 per day
  • What is not mentioned as included



Photography Instructors


Tim Vollmer

Tim has devoted his life to photography, which has been his long held hobby and great passion. Tim has always felt himself drawn to the power and beauty he finds in nature. Tim has been leading photo tours and workshops in Iceland and in many different countries over the years. He has had the world as his workplace. Photographing everything from the dramatic landscape in Iceland, to the native people in the remote corners of the world and the culture that are unique to each country. His journeys have taken him around the world in pursuit of memorable travel experiences and the creation of compelling images. His work has been featured in international publications. His images and stories are shared on various internet outlets. As a driven artist, professional, entrepreneur and an adventurer, Tim is eager to share his passion, knowledge in photography and travel through the tours he designed on his own, or through his partnership with professional photographers from around the globe. Tim and his family currently lived 11 years in Iceland. Now they are based in Czech Republic.

Phone: (00420) 732203764

See his Website:

Photography workshops

Dean J. Tatooles

Chicago-based photographer, Dean J. Tatooles, is the owner and operator of Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris. In his professional career, Dean has specialized in landscape and wildlife photography and indigenous portraiture. His travels have taken him across all seven continents multiple times.

Dean works primarily with Nikon digital SLR equipment to capture his wildlife images and indigenous portraits and a Linhof 617 S III Technorama medium format panoramic camera to produce his majestic landscapes. At a young age, Dean became fascinated with the topography, culture and wildlife of certain locations in the Southern Hemisphere. In that spirit, he created Southern Cross Galleries after the constellation that bears its name and is only visible from below the Equator. His hope is that his work touches that sense of adventure in everyone and that viewers of his photographs will be transported to another time and place, even if it’s for just a moment.

As owner and operator of Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris, Dean in conjunction with his global partners, has lead photo tours all across the globe. The world is his workplace and Dean is eager to share his passion for photography with others whenever he can. Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris’ photo tours are always small and intimate –with rarely more than six to eight guests on a given trip. Wherever possible, mass tourism and the norm are avoided, opting for the more “off the beaten path” locations. Dean understands that light and timing are everything in creating that perfect photo and makes sure to have his guests in the right place at the right time to maximize opportunities. Accordingly, scheduling is flexible and his tours adapt constantly to conditions on the ground. Dean is happy to have many return guests over the years and hopes that you will choose to travel with us on your next adventure.

Phone: +1 (312) 898-0248

See his Website:

Dean J. Tatooles

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