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Greenland Photo Tour

Itinerary for Greenland Photo Tour

Day 1 – Kulusuk
After your pick-up from airport we walk 1 km to our boat (quart bike for luggage) and drive to Tasilaq where we will stop at interesting sights along the way.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: D.

We begin in the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, at the southern side of Ammassalik island. After a quick traverse of the King Oskar’s fjord we head north west towards the Ammassalik fjord. After about an hour’s of sailing we will turn into the narrow and steep fjord with its jagged and imposing mountain peaks towering above us. At the site of Ikateq, we will make a stop to explore the remains of a World War II American base. It was here that the Americans ran an airfield from 1942-47. During war times this was referred to as “Bluie East Two” and was built to facilitate Trans-Atlantic air traffic navigation, search and rescue operations and as a weather forecast station. You can still see the airfield, the corroded oil drums, vehicles and ruins. The need for a clean-up of the old base has been a occasional political issue, but to this date no action as been taken. We will then continue our journey further north-east until we arrive at the mighty Sermiligaaq fjord. The name translates to English as “the beautiful glacier fjord” and it lives up to it’s name. The landscape around us is now dominated by jagged mountains, narrow fjords and calving outlet glaciers with their fronts flowing into the fjord itself. Here we cross the Arctic circle. At one point you will enjoy the view of two calving glaciers simultaneously, the Karale glacier on your left and the Knud Rasmussen glacier on your right side. The skipper will navigate as close to the glacier front as it is safe to do and here we will go ashore to enjoy the packed lunch and hot drinks that we have brought with us. After lunch, we will have the time to explore the immediate area by foot before we commence our return journey towards Tasiilaq in the late afternoon.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: B-L-D.

We start in the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, at the southern side of Ammassalik island and sail north along the coast of the island through a breathtaking landscape. Huge icebergs will gently flow by us, as we travel up the Sermilik Ice fjord. After about two hours of saiing we will reach the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq, which in Greenladic mens “The strait that runs dry at low tide”. The small settlement has a spectacular view of the icefjord with its colossal icebergs and the enormous Ice Sheet dominating the horizon. According to Greenlandic statistics, 113 people lives permanently in Tiniteqilaaq as of January 2015. Upon arrival to the settlement the skipper will bring you ashore and you will have the time to stroll around the settlement on your own and fully take in the ambiance and scenery of the settlement, observing the local people going by their dailyday life, routines and work. Once you are finished exploring the settlement, we will then board the boat and travel further north in the fjord where we will enjoy a packed lunch on the water, enjoying the majestic icebergs that surround us. After lunch the skipper will start steering south for our return journey through the fjord. The boat will sail southwards the length of the fjord and then navigate the edges of the polar sea as we round the south of the Ammassalik island and through the King Oscar fjord to return to Tasiilaq.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 4 – Tasiilaq discover the valleys
Today we stay on land, after breakfast we will discover the valley of flowers and beautiful lakes by car. Tasiilaq is situated on the southern part of the Ammassalik Island, which takes its name from the Inuit word “Ammassat”, translating to English as capelin. These small fish can be found in abundance in the fjord during summer and is frequently hunted by the local hunters to support their livelihood. The island is characterised by several jagged peaks, glaciers, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. There are vast green valleys and deep icefjords where the newly calved icebergs of the ice sheet drop into the sea; icebergs similar in size to hightower buildings. If you like the quietness of uninhabited areas in a magnificent, and unspoiled nature, then these kind of possibilities are plentiful right here on Ammasalik Island.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: B-L-D.

In the morning from the harbour of Tasiilaq, we go out again by boat. First we cross the King Oskar’s fjord and travel a short distance on the Polar sea before we enter the mighty Sermilik fjord, the second largest fjord in Greenland. The name Sermilik in Greenlandic translates to Icefjord, which will be quite obvious as we will navigate our boat in-between icebergs, which sheer size will make you feel very tiny compared to their mighty presence in front of you. With the impressive size you see above the surface, these frozen giant’s true size hides beneath the surface, where 90% of the total size of an iceberg is found. Having sailed for around an hour, we will reach the now abandoned settlement of Ikkatteq. Here we will stop the boat and you will have the opportunity to go ashore and explore the old church, school and other buildings. There is also a spectacular viewpoint from a small hill which you can climb. When you have finished exploring the abandoned settlement we will again go to the boat and set sail north, deeper into the fjord. Here the skipper will turn the boat west, into the smaller Johan Pedersen fjord. Now you will be surrounded by a magical landscape, sculptural icebergs floating on the surface of the water and steep outlet glaciers deriving from the mighty ice sheet of Greenland. We will sail to the calving glacier called Hann glacier. Going ashore at the side of the Hann glacier we will enjoy our lunch, overlooking the glacier front. After lunch, there will be time to enjoy a short scenic hike in the nearby area before we set the course back towards Tasiilaq.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: B-L-D.

Day 7 – Tasiilaq with sunrise and Sunset by boat
Today we discover the town by is self and go out by boat at sunrise and sunset 🙂 The name of Tasiilaq translates into english as “Like a Lake”. The town of 2,000 inhabitants is perched on the foothills of the local mountain, The Sjoman (The Sea Man), above the shores of the King Oscar’s fjord. It is this setting, from which the town has got its name, as the bottom of the fjord has a circular shape and could be mistaken for looking like a lake. With it’s population of approximately 2,000 people Tasiilaq is the largest town in East Greenland and the seventh largest town in all Greenland. Around it lies the seven smaller settlements of Kulusuk, Sermiligaaq, Kuummiut, Tiniteqilaaq and Isortoq. Due to its isolated location the town houses all the necessary facilities such as a school, a hospital, a police staton, a supermarket, kindergardens and so on. It also has a big harbour at the shores of the King Oscar’s fjord, the gateway to the great North Atlantic sea.

Overnight: Tasilaq | Included meals: B-L-D.

Today after breakfast we go back to Kulusuk to the airport we walk 1 km from our boat (quart bike for luggage) and check in.

Included meals: B.



September 14 – 21, 2018


8 days / 7 nights

Photographic themes:

Landscape, seascape, people, nature, wildlife, ice




Knus Rasmussen Fjord


Sermelik Fjord

Johann Pedersen Fjord


Apusiaajik Glacier


USD $3995
per person in double room

Price includes

  • Transfer from/to airport upon arrival and departure
  • all acomondations
  • Meals as indicated (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner)
  • All transfers included into the route plan by speed boat.
  • 2 Professional photographer guidance

not included:

  • International Airfare/train ticket
  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks
  • Travel insurance, health insurances.
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc.
  • Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary)
  • Model fees
  • What is not mentioned as included


Images from our Accommodation

Photography Instructors


Tim Vollmer

Tim has devoted his life to photography, which has been his long held hobby and great passion. Tim has always felt himself drawn to the power and beauty he finds in nature. Tim has been leading photo tours and workshops in Iceland and in many different countries over the years. He has had the world as his workplace. Photographing everything from the dramatic landscape in Iceland, to the native people in the remote corners of the world and the culture that are unique to each country. His journeys have taken him around the world in pursuit of memorable travel experiences and the creation of compelling images. His work has been featured in international publications. His images and stories are shared on various internet outlets. As a driven artist, professional, entrepreneur and an adventurer, Tim is eager to share his passion, knowledge in photography and travel through the tours he designed on his own, or through his partnership with professional photographers from around the globe. Tim and his family currently lived 11 years in Iceland. Now they are based in Czech Republic.

Phone: (00420) 732203764

See his Website:

Photography workshops

Dean J. Tatooles

Chicago-based photographer, Dean J. Tatooles, is the owner and operator of Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris. In his professional career, Dean has specialized in landscape and wildlife photography and indigenous portraiture. His travels have taken him across all seven continents multiple times.

Dean works primarily with Nikon digital SLR equipment to capture his wildlife images and indigenous portraits and a Linhof 617 S III Technorama medium format panoramic camera to produce his majestic landscapes. At a young age, Dean became fascinated with the topography, culture and wildlife of certain locations in the Southern Hemisphere. In that spirit, he created Southern Cross Galleries after the constellation that bears its name and is only visible from below the Equator. His hope is that his work touches that sense of adventure in everyone and that viewers of his photographs will be transported to another time and place, even if it’s for just a moment.

As owner and operator of Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris, Dean in conjunction with his global partners, has lead photo tours all across the globe. The world is his workplace and Dean is eager to share his passion for photography with others whenever he can. Southern Cross Galleries Photo Safaris’ photo tours are always small and intimate –with rarely more than six to eight guests on a given trip. Wherever possible, mass tourism and the norm are avoided, opting for the more “off the beaten path” locations. Dean understands that light and timing are everything in creating that perfect photo and makes sure to have his guests in the right place at the right time to maximize opportunities. Accordingly, scheduling is flexible and his tours adapt constantly to conditions on the ground. Dean is happy to have many return guests over the years and hopes that you will choose to travel with us on your next adventure.

Phone: +1 (312) 898-0248

See his Website:

Dean J. Tatooles

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